Brand New Telly


Great advertising = great content

Brand New Telly believes that content is the new reality of advertising. Great content = Great advertising.

Providing relevant information via the right channel at the right moment. That’s the standard at BNTI. The idea is to inspire people through our communications. We create campaigns that not only send out a message, but that above all furnish food for thought. Campaigns that are so good you want to view them and share them. 

So we are talking about content campaigns. While it’s the new reality for our industry, it’s something BNTI has been putting into practice day in and day out since early 2000. We conceive and produce content campaigns. That why our agency is made up of both creatives and producers.

 A content campaign always starts with the story at BNTI. We then decide which channel to use based on the target group’s profile. And we can choose from a broad spectrum of channels ranging from TV commercials and magazines to Facebook and YouTube. And we can also use outdoor and print to strengthen the story. Or at least to attract attention to it.

 Want to find out what a content campaign looks like? Check out our work for Dutch Railways that involved developing a tailor-made TV format. Or watch the viral campaign for PostNL, the digital activation campaign for Milka or one of the other campaigns

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